Changed My Mind About Defying 40

I have changed my mind. I’m not throwing a concert-party when I turn forty, after all.

I posted twice about my grand plans for a showcase of talents here and my own playlist here. But since then, so many things have happened that have convinced me that I do not have the amount of energy for an event of such proportions that my wild imagination invented. It was easy to conceptualize when I was in Sydney; but being back in Manila, I had to face the reality of turning 40.

My friends are really busy. My health commands my attention. I can embrace the gift of life in solitude and in simplicity. There are things to do and I have to conserve resources for what are truly important in life.

I still want to defy 40, but I guess I’ll just limit it to not looking my age. I am grateful for my genes because this healthy, Asian skin is not prone to wrinkles. So I look maybe about 26. 🙂

Definitely, there will be some food, some drinks, my real friends, and my family. That should be enough.

All right, let’s do this, July!



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