Defying 40: Playlist


After being put on hold during the holidays, my Defying 40 project is back on track, with my friends contributing creative ideas.

I wish to collaborate with as many artist-friends as possible. Any combination is more than welcome! Piano and guitar. Poetry and music. Dance and song. Video and music. Talk and humor. Photography and poetry. Paintings and calligraphy. Big band and singing voices. A capella and choir music.

I don’t have the money to finance this yet. I don’t have a venue, which has to have a stage, a space for a baby grand piano and (by the way) a band, and a dance floor. Obviously I only have big dreams at this point.  But that’s all right. I have seven months to pull this off. 🙂

I like the dream stage because right now, anything is possible! So I’m creating a playlist. The current mix is so Ella. Classical music, show tunes, movie soundtracks, Original Pilipino Music (OPM para tagos sa puso), choral music, ’80s music, Manila sound. Now how do I gather all the people I want to see and perform, and ask them to practice with me?

I’m still conflicted whether to open the night with “I Enjoy Being a Girl,” “Salamat Musika” or “Magandang Gabi,” or a piano piece that no one but me will understand. Or something else entirely. Like a dance number with my talented friends.

To have my friends – and family (ooh I have artists and musicians in the family) let their hair down, sing, dance, spin, twirl, jump, fly, and have a grand time is my goal. I wish this dream would come true!  But even now, I’m already having so much fun planning it.



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