Defying Forty: A Showcase of Talents

A Piano

I launched an idea last weekend to some friends to see if they were in. I wanted to have a show where my friends and I could share the talents that God gave us, especially for those who had pursued different professions but were amazingly gifted. I wanted to defy aging and to show how talented every person is! I knew that those who would embark on this project with me would experience a greater connectedness with their own souls and find joy in expressing themselves through art.

In less than 24 hours, I got the following confirmed contributions:

  • A poem
  • Calligraphy for invites, souvenirs, etc.
  • A glass painting
  • Acrylic on canvas painting
  • A song/video collaboration
  • A standup comedy/ musical performance
  • Help with script and hosting
  • A dance number. Make that two dance numbers!
  • A TED-inspired talk
  • A piano solo

Others are still mulling about what to contribute to the project, and are warming up to the idea. Most of these friends need  just a little push to expose their hidden talents again.

I want to show that people in their 40s are cool and that they were not born grownups. This is me meeting my 40th birthday with a bang. Of course, friends have said that I was the only person they knew who could pull this off. I surely hope we pull it off!

I am still cooking up related ideas to this project, in terms of focus and purpose, but already I am excited and looking forward to working on it during my spare time. 😉

Watch this space.


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