Travel Bugged

“Exploring the outside world is the key to understanding your inner self.” – From the Bangkok Airways ad on CNN.

I have been to a lot of places recently, but laziness has prevented me from blogging about them. That, and the cheap thrill of posting status updates, check-ins, and photos on Facebook.

Just before leaving the Philippines last March to start my year of travel, I explored my country with friends and family. I went to Baguio, Bacolod, Boracay, Corregidor Island, Tagaytay, and Cavite. I also visited museums, watched plays, attended ballets and recitals and operas, and don’t even get me started on the going-away parties.

There were also little trips around Asia – to Bangkok, Singapore, and Malaysia. It was a great way to prepare me for even more adventures ahead.


The Mother Ship in Singapore. No, I do not own an LV. Yet. But I enjoyed browsing them bags and wallets.


This was a Catholic church in Bangkok. Love the roof detail.


Around time last year, I celebrated my birthday with best friends in Bangkok. We went to the hotel venue of The Hangover and had one of the loveliest dinners ever.


I extremely enjoyed my trip  to Penang, Malaysia with my family. It is a beautiful city  full of old world charm.



But the Southeast Asian tour last year turned out to be a mere appetizer. It set me up for a year of more traveling. When I whipped out my passport last March 2013 then, there was no turning back. I had embraced my travel bug. My own version of “Eat. Pray. Love” had started.  

Mostly I have been doing the Eat part.  The Pray part is very active too.  My other blog takes care of that. The Love part, well, friends and family as always have been providing that. God has been so good in sending me people who open their doors for me. Yes my life currently feels like a movie.

First stop for 2013 is beloved Sydney, Australia.  I have been to some new places and some old places here.



I have made new furry friends, too.

Sydney is a picturesque city.  It is alive even at night. Below, see Vivid Sydney.




Some more feathered friends.


High Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral – a highlight. Must attend that again.


At the Sydney Opera House

With my good friend Mitch before watching Idina Menzel’s concert at the Sydney Opera House.

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra

We were so close, I could read the titles off the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s music sheets.

The Good Food and Wine Show

The wine glass I used for the Good Food and Wine Show.

The Tempus Two Vineyard

The beautiful vineyard at Tempus Two is pictured above. Because I love wine, chocolate, and cheese so much, the long weekend spent at Hunter Valley was also very memorable.




I saw some kangaroos roaming the Bimbadgen Estate freely.


I was also lucky enough to spend four days at Port Stephens last autumn. It was a relaxing holiday and the last bit of sun I felt before winter set in. The beach was beautiful.Image

I shopped for boats, too at the marina.


Obviously, I have been enjoying myself immensely.  I will write separately about my trip to Canberra. Truly the pages of my journal should contain more words, but for now I will let these pictures speak.

If the airline ad quote above is to be believed,  I should be learning a lot about my inner self  too, after all this exploring that I have been doing. 🙂  Will see if that is the case. For now, I am content just to explore.


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