A Piece of Sky

Last week, I watched an unforgettable concert with my parents entitled “The Legends & The Classics” featuring our favorite artists: prima ballerina Lisa Macuja, concert pianist Cecile Licad, and Broadway/Disney star Lea Salonga.  I suggest you read the reviews that I Googled for you, if you have time.

This was the second to the last song. I was really moved by the whole concert, but the last line “Papa, watch me fly” struck me, because just when Lea was hitting the highest note, Lisa Macuja flew on stage.

So I searched for the song and found the original version by Ms. Barbra Streisand from the movie Yentl. I realized just now how much that movie had in common with the Disney classic, “Mulan.” Watch it with me:

A Piece of Sky

I should write more about how I felt while watching the show, and what each of the artists meant to me, especially Ms. Cecile Licad, who had been my idol since childhood when I was still starting to play the piano.

Lea Salonga, well I have watched her in many concerts and I am a huge fan. Ironically, I wished the most to be Lisa Macuja while watching the show. Perhaps because that was the dream I had the least opportunity to pursue: to be a ballet dancer.

I am pursuing other dreams now for I am no longer content to watch a piece of sky. Watch me fly. (Enter spinning Lisa Macuja who then flies up in the air to touch the sky.)


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