Gone Loony

Good morning, world! I am sickeningly happy today so I decided to blog about it. Not that I can capture in words the why, but at least this rare state of glee is documented.

This is not the entire reason, but as part of the happiness I have finally decided to admit to the world that I am in love with … the moon. “The moon? Now she’s really lost it and admitted she’s a loony,” you probably think. But sometimes it just feels good to express something I’ve kept inside for so long. The truth is that even more than I love sunsets, rainbows, stars, and beaches, I love the moon. I have just associated it with loneliness so I didn’t share about it earlier.

But now it can be told. Who keeps me company on nights when I open the garage gate to let myself into an empty house? It is my moon, that loyal brightness who lights up the night sky.

Remind me to finish this post someday. I have been staring at the moon trying to think of why I love it so much that I got lost in my sea of thoughts.


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