WW, Donna, and Why I Love the Show

I finished a West Wing marathon with two good friends yesterday. We had to pause for our own side comments. We even studied the map of the west wing from the DVD’s special features link.We consumed bags of chips and nearly finished a bottle of ice-cold Coke. What a slothful weekend! Although we did walk/run around the academic oval prior to said series marathon.

We each had our favorite character and place. I could relate the most with Donna and Josh, but I love all the senior staff and President Josiah Bartlett! I tune out every time they are in the Situation Room, but my friend finds those scenes the most interesting, and wants to be Nancy. My other friend can’t get enough of Toby who is so passionate and straight that we think every government should have more officials like him. The other night, I had a long discussion over wine with yet another group of friends. We debated about Donna’s choice of clothes.

Donnatella Moss, the typical blonde secretary who will do anything for her boss. “If you get in an accident, I won’t stop for a beer,” said Josh. “If YOU get in an accident, I won’t stop for a red light,” replied Donna. They are my favorite TV couple of all time. Donna may not be a Fulbright scholar like Josh, or a Nobel prize winner like Jed, or even a brilliant student like Charlie (she had a different course for every year she was in college), but I can relate with her the most. She represents the taxpayer in me; the girl; the employee; the assistant; the admirer. I am rooting for her. She is like a thin and less clumsy version of Bridget Jones.

Yes, there are issues discussed in the show that make my nose bleed, mostly because I’m not American and thus not familiar with their history and politics. But I try. My friends try to educate me. I refuse to worry too much about the wars they are fighting. I tend to focus on the people and their relationships. Typical of me.

I wish new characters would be introduced by a few lines on the screen, like those they put on CNN for interviewees, so that I could immediately tell what office they are from; what political party, movement, or group; and what issue they are involved with. Instead I am left to swim in the rapid dialogue looking for clues, sometimes getting it, sometimes not. Yet I love every bit of the show. It is one of the best TV series ever produced.

I am on Season 3 and have four seasons to go. I am trying to watch slowly because, as in the case of reading a book, I can watch the series for the first time only once.

But I intend to watch it over and over again.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. i.love.toby
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 09:04:31

    If only our day-to-day resembles the West Wing— purposeful, passionate, fast-paced… If only our office mates are like Toby and Josh and CJ and Sam…
    If only our bosses are like Jed Bartlet…And if only we are like Donna who pines for someone and actually ends up with him after seven seasons…
    then life would be perfect. 😉


  2. galadriella
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 09:11:59

    If only we could be as brilliant as Toby and Josh and CJ and Sam… if only we could find meaning in our work as public servants as much as they did… if only I could be Donna and Josh would finally notice me… Hahaha.


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