The Wedding Weekend

I had the time of my life going to Tess and Rey’s destination wedding.  Most guests flew in a couple of days before the wedding so we had a good three (some four) nights to party. I knew a lot of people from our law school days, and some from our singles Catholic community. We started the party with a despedida de soltera, where the bride is given away in an intimate gathering of friends and family. What I liked most were the giant margaritas.

The wedding was held in Bacolod City (, which has a rich history as it is home to the sugar barons of the country. The theme is Filipiniana so everything – from the gown, to the church, to the reception, to the giveaways – reminded us of the grand past of the sugar plantations. We felt transported back in time.

That was, hands down, the most beautiful bridal gown I had ever seen. It was made of pineapple!

Pictured below is the bride as she was rehearsing her surprise song for Rey, which she sang right after their kiss at church, with the right effect on the crowd and the groom! 🙂 A seamstress was putting finishing touches on her gown while she was rehearsing. She removed this top with the help of seamstresses for the reception. 🙂

I was one of the Cord sponsors. Here in the Philippines, we have Candle, Cord, and Veil sponsors. They are symbolic of the lifetogether of the couple. Left to right, Tina the Candle sponsor, me, Tita Mila (mother of the bride), and Gay the Veil sponsor.

This is what we looked like when we put the Cord over the Veil.

The reception rocked. I was one of the emcees so I wasn’t able to eat or drink much, but the guests had a blast. Lamb, lechon (roast pig), roast beef, etc. flowed. There was also a well-stocked open bar. Live music played and the program was interesting and exciting. I was exhausted by the time the program ended and drank two vodka sprites consecutively.

The next day I went with some friends to Silay, a nearby city which featured ancestral homes, the most famous of which was Balay Negrense (

I played around with my Lumix LX5 and loved it. Photos are on my Facebook, Picasa, and Flickr pages.

Next we went to The Ruins (, in Talisay, where the reception was supposed to be held. It was moved to a golf club due to the rains. The Ruins took our breath away. There was an uber-friendly tour guide who took great photos, like this one:

After five days I had to go back to work and leave behind the romance, history, and glamor of that wedding weekend. I want to go back to Bacolod where the chicken is good, the beer is cold, the dessert is sweet, and the people are friendly!


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