U2 360º: One Elevating Concert

I never thought I would one day be watching a concert by that Irish rock band U2 in a stadium with a seating capacity of 80,000 people. But that’s what I found myself doing last Tuesday here in Sydney.

I learned that the U2 360º tour will land in Sydney around the same time that I will be vacationing here with my family. So months before my trip, I got in touch with some friends who would want to watch with me. My schedule matched with a very good friend from law school and we excitedly booked our tickets.

I grew up listening to U2 because of my brothers. Later on my nephews picked up the band’s songs, thus making them family favorites. So while I was inside ANZ stadium with tens of thousands of people, I wished my family could watch the concert too.

The stage was jaw-dropping. It was a space ship with giant claws and a riveting screen that could be seen all around the stadium. This screen  amazed me and my friend as it expanded and contracted, sending the most spectacular images to us. I watched on the second night, and I heard from a friend who was there on opening night that the band added more songs. I didn’t hear “Stuck In a Moment” but all my other favorites were there: Pride (In The Name of Love); Elevation; Sunday, Bloody Sunday; Where the Streets Have No Name; One; I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For; All I Want is You; New Year’s Day; and so much more.

I came to dance and sing, but somehow the people around me did not want to stand up for most of the show. They looked like they had all come from work and were generally reserved. Either that or they were too young to know the other songs. My friend and I, on the other hand, were stunned and mesmerized by the lights. We wanted to make the most of the concert by standing up to join the party! We should have bought tickets to the Red Zone but those cost thrice as much as what we paid for. I heard, however, that the organizers gave away unbought tickets at the last minute to fill up the stadium. And I met someone who got lucky enough to get an upgrade from the bleachers to the front seats. Oh, how I envied him.

In hindsight, I appreciated my vantage point because I could see the whole stage from where I was sitting. My beloved Lumix LX5 also was able to capture the moment in HD. I can’t upload the videos here because its format is not recognized by WordPress, but if you’re my Facebook friend, you can check my videos there.

For now, just enjoy the photos and imagine the energy, the music, and the magic of that night:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For some news and videos, read this article.


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