Foodie Tripping

It is a perfect morning here in Sydney. I am staying with my sister and her family for a month and I’m loving it.

There have been some unhealthy meals…

… my excuse was that we didn’t have that mighty angus at McDonald’s back home.

But there have been healthy meals as well, such as this:

This was a heavenly salad topped with pepper squid, which I had at the cafe in Pokolbin Village, Hunter Valley.

The entire HV trip was great, with all the shiraz and chardonnay I could drink, and other wines in between. I also nibbled on all sorts of soft and hard cheeses.  I wanted to buy everything from the Smelly stores.

All the jams and jellies in the world…

All the sauces and crackers I could find.

And oh, the cheeses. What prevented me from buying was the difficulty in transporting them. I just feasted my eyes on them and tasted whatever I could, which was not a lot.

I am getting hungry just looking at these photos. To be continued…

NEXT post: The Wines of Hunter Valley


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