Aw, Shut Up.

I do not watch a lot of movies anymore. This is a quote from the script of one of my all-time favorites, Jerry Maguire.


This used to be my specialty. I
was good in a living room. Send
me in there, I’ll do it alone. And
now I just… I don’t know… but
on what was supposed to be the
happiest night of my business
life, it wasn’t complete, wasn’t
nearly close to being in the same
vicinity as complete, because I
couldn’t share it with you. I
couldn’t hear your voice, or laugh
about it with you. I missed my
wife. We live in a cynical world,
and we work in a business of tough
competitors, so try not to laugh —


I love you. You complete me.

Aw, shut up. You had me at hello.

If only we could write out our life’s lines and the people in our lives said the right words back.

No, there are no scripts in real life. Only mindless chatter.

If only we could say, Shut up. And look as gorgeous as Renee Zelwegger.


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