Things I Don’t Get v. 2009

This is me being real.

Things I Don’t Get v. 2009
  1. Why PAG-ASA predicted a super typhoon that is three hours late already, and why Storm Signal No. 2 was prematurely raised today, thus costing students another school day.  Not that they are complaining.  I just wish PAG-ASA would be more accurate and more consistent.
  2. Why MMDA or whoever is in charge assigns people to clean flyovers during rush hour.  I pass through Commonwealth Ave. everyday at about 8 a.m., and motorists have to slow down to avoid side-swiping the street sweepers and/or their big brooms.  Precious minutes are lost easily.  I can imagine people in a meeting somewhere, so used to doing things as they have been doing for decades.  Let’s try to consider the safety of the workers, and the schedule of the commuters.  
  3. Why, for that matter, road repairs are not done off-rush hour so as to avoid delaying working people.  I’ve blogged about this before.  It irritates me no end to find that the cause of traffic jams is a group of workers painting the (Libis-Katipunan) underpass.  I don’t care if it costs more to pay workers the night-shift differential.  Productivity is a greater value, and a stress-avoider (for people like me, most likely).
  4. Why little local politicians have the gall to splash their faces on all manner of banners and streamers.  Happy Father’s Day from Mayor’s Son-in-Law So and So.  Puhlllease.  Feed the hungry, get my vote.
  5. Why a lot of Pinoys ignore pedestrian overpasses and lanes, and choose to cross where they shouldn’t, and have expressions of glee and excitement as they jaywalk.  Are they cats that they have nine lives?  Do they trust that all cars, buses, and jeeps will have proper brakes?  
  6. Why some drivers feel the need for speed at inappropriate times and places.  One morning, I saw a gasoline truck speeding at about 80 kph from the QC Elliptical Road going to Commonwealth, cutting across several lanes (swerving is more like it), and I caught a glimpse of the driver.  He looked thrilled to have all vehicles avoid his truck – the one that says FLAMMABLE – so early in the morning.  I wanted to revoke his license.  What was that man on that morning?!
  7. Why some radio DJs are given shows at all, when they have the capacity to churn out useless information, or worse, promote the wrong concepts to the youth.  I don’t find their morning shows funny.  I believe in their freedom to express, and in my freedom to tune out.  I find myself saying often, “Stop talking.  Play music!”
  8. Why a nation of intelligent people still elects inept leaders.  I am not a social scientist, so I count on those who know how to teach the next generation how to use their heads.
There is more where that came from, but that’s enough ranting for now.

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