What I Didn’t Write About

I’m so delinquent in posting to this blog.  No wonder I’m not getting paid for it. 🙂

I have so many topics waiting to be blogged about:
  1. The worsening traffic situation in Metro Manila, and how stupid (yes, I’m using the S word here) I think the authorities are for allowing consecutive repairs, road works, and the like, during rush hour, along the route taken by most motorists going to the central business districts.  FRUSTRATING!  I think there are certain people who are not using their brains but are merely focused on how to get famous enough to be elected to public office.  
  2. My rekindled desire to find an affordable, safe, and convenient studio in Pasig so I don’t have to waste time stuck in traffic.  I seriously need to look around for a place to stay.
  3. When Harry Met Sally“, which I have seen for the thousandth time last night.  But I turned off the TV on the last few minutes.  I could recite the lines by heart anyway.  I just could not watch them anymore.
  4. He’s Just Not That Into You“, which I went to see this afternoon.  I have revived my crush on Ben Affleck (it disappeared when he dated J. Lo).  His character in the film made the audience go “Awwww”.
  5. “Doubt”, but I wrote about it already in “my other blog“.
I have punched two people in the last two weeks.  Both of them had referred to my being single and in my 30s, on separate occasions.  I felt better after punching them.
I took an executive checkup courtesy of my office HMO last Friday, and found out something that should make me focus on my health and impress in me the need for a major lifestyle change.  But should I worry?  Only the good die young, and after all that ranting and punching, I don’t think I’ve been too good recently.  Just the same, if you know me, kindly say a prayer for me.  I will get all the results by the end of the week.
I will try to be a more consistent blogger here.  I’ve been busy working on the ratio decidendi of life, that the obiter dicta took a back seat.  Will hopefully be back to regular programming after my weekend in Bohol (woohoo!  I just had to put that in).
More on that later.  I have to catch up on my beauty sleep as well.

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