Still Amazing, Despite a Long Break From Blogging

What is my excuse for disappearing on you?  I had been feeling less than wonderful these past few days.  
I got sick with the flu, which almost always succeeds in slowing me down and putting life on hold.  I could not do what I usually did – that of making the mundane seem interesting, and of chronicling the simple events of life with eyes of awe and wonder.  Sometime after my last post, the river was just a river, so to speak.  I felt like I had nothing amazing to share.
So the book review on “The Secret Life of Bees” has been shelved. I have also backed out of some other projects offline.  Health and work had to take priority, aside from my other duties.  
But it had not been a month of boredom and monotony.  I had some serious fun as 
Check out the photos.

I relived the beauty of Manila when I toured it with my family,
I watched fireworks last Chinese New Year at the Mall of Asia with my entire family,
I goofed around in our living room for a photo shoot,
I posed for our first proper family portrait, 

I attended birthday parties of friends.
All in all, still an amazing life.  And it goes on. 
I cut my hair.  I got sick.  I got well.  I went back to work.  I attended a prayer meeting.  I had coffee with great people.   And Valentine’s Day came.

I will look at my blessings and be grateful for this amazing life.

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