Mac and Lex

Meet Mac and Lex.  I spend time with them the most these days.  They’re with me everyday, and I even dream about them.  As the Clear commercial goes, I tend to be a two-timer.  It’s so hard to stick to one love!

Mac is my Macbook White, who is with me when I wake up in the morning.  It houses all my videos, songs, photos, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, emails, contacts, and more.  I can’t live without it as it has made my life so compact, organized, and it’s cute, too.  Heads turn during the few times that I bring it out in public.  I tend to keep it at home because it’s so hard to maintain its whiteness.  I Heart Mac!  I have hugged it a lot because of the many memories associated with it.
I also have Lex in my life.  Lex is the nick of my product, “Lex Libris“.  It is a research tool for lawyers, law students, law firms, librarians, legal departments, tax practitioners, accountants, HR managers, and businessmen.  Even as a law student and then as a young lawyer, I could not do legal research without Lex.  Now, I have the opportunity to watch Lex grow, and to share its brilliance and versatility to an ever increasing market.  I am responsible for marketing Lex and I have grown to love it.
I am crossing my fingers for a collaboration between the two.  Mac and Lex.  Lex and Mac.  An idea whose time has come.  Now I don’t have to be with one and neglect the other, hehe.
I know what you’re thinking.  I need to get a real life.  So sue me.  Some people like pets.  I like gadgets.  (I AM Gadget Girl, after all.)
Much as I love Mac, whenever my nephews want to borrow it, I cannot say no.  So yesterday, while I was doing my chores, I let Miko play with it.  He also downed a tub of Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut pieces while watching YouTube videos of his fellow Speed Stacking champions.  (Sorry Ate, he also wanted to get his hands on the Tim Tam but I said it was too hard to reach the bottom of the box.  He’ll wait for your arrival.)
Tonight, after I got home from work, I excitedly took Mac and placed it on my lap.  Then something bit me.  To my horror, I saw ants crawling all over Mac’s immaculate whiteness.  Some ants were on my bed too, where Mac had been sleeping all day while I was with Lex.

Ant attack!  I panicked.  I have read some stories about modems, laptops, and other electronics destroyed by ants.  I took out my trusty Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and proceeded to wipe Mac clean of any chocolate residue and rid it of its temporary inhabitants.  I fervently hoped they did not reach inside Mac.  Oh please, no.  I tried shaking Mac upside down so that any trespassing ants would fall.  I could only hope that I succeeded.  
Mac has to be fit and ready for a new toy I will have this weekend, the iWork ’09.  🙂  Oh, and an iPod upgrade.  Gadget Girl is beside herself with joy.  
I will try not to be distracted when I work with Lex tomorrow.  After all, the law is a jealous lover.
Come to think of it, if this is what not having a life means, then I’m having an amazing time at it!

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