My Favorite Chore

I wonder how many people out there de-stress by doing the laundry or cleaning the bathroom?  I prefer the former to the latter, but both chores relax me.  

The smell of freshly-washed sheets make me happy.  When I pick up my dry cleaning, I welcome the waft of laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets.  I like hanging clothes to dry under the sun and watching blankets on clothespins billowing against the wind.  It is one of my simplest pleasures.  I am like one of those housewives on the soap commercials, smelling fresh, clean shirts as if those were their greatest accomplishments on earth. 
Despite a bad back that had me taking a day off from work, I did one load of laundry today.  I couldn’t stand the sight of my overflowing clothes hamper.  As I sorted out the whites from the colored ones, I was able to sort out some of my thoughts.  As I my clothes got cleaned inside the washing machine, I imagined my life getting washed as well.
Come to think of it, I am growing more and more domesticated as the years go by.  I enjoy shopping, yes, but I’ve also come to enjoy cooking.  Perhaps I’m just going back to my childhood joys, alongside reading and playing the piano.  
I don’t like noisy malls and traffic.  I don’t like parties and loud music.  I don’t remember that I ever did, but now I’m staying away more from them.
So I will end this post and go back to finish my book.  It’s raining outside.  And I’m glad to be home. 

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