Middle Ground (Not Middle Earth)

There are two kinds of people walking the world today: Harry Potter fans, and non-Harry Potter fans (a.k.a. Muggles in Harry’s world).

The Harry Potter fans have all watched his latest movie. The Muggles have not and do not intend to. I’ve tried different sets of Potter fan-friends and they’ve all seen it, so no one is available anymore to go with me.

It’s not my fault – I was there last weekend at TriNoMa but there were more people there than movie theater seats. My parents and I ended up roaming the half-unopened mall instead. I tried looking for office shoes, but went home empty-handed and terribly disappointed. I’ll have to wait until the curiosity about TriNoMa dies before I can enjoy it. I happen to abhor queuing up for a parking space for close to an hour, and do not intend to do so on a weekly basis.

Back to Harry. The Last Book comes out today. As I have many friends who have pre-ordered their copies, I will just borrow from one of them once they’re done reading it.

So I guess I’m a half-blood fan, after all.


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