Shimmering Shanghai

I’m blogging from Shanghai and there are Chinese characters on my screen. Good thing I’ve memorized the blogger New Post page that’s why I can survive based on symbols alone.

I’m here to attend the World Travel Fair at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. After my friend and I arrived at the hotel, we took an adventure trip around the city and were lost in translation with the taxi driver. We ended up at The New Bund area (definitely not where we asked to be brought, but it was ok). We saw a breath-taking view of the buildings surrounding the Huangpu River. Some call this area “a gallery of world architecture” and count it as one of the Ten Best Scenic Spots in Shanghai.

It was a blessing in disguise that our cab driver did not take us to where we pointed at the map – which was an area within walking distance from our hotel anyway. At least without intending to, we got a glimpse of the crystal lights at the New Bund and its multinational-design buildings. We got to feel the rhythm of the city and got excited at what was in store for us in the coming days. We had a walk at the People’s Square and People’s Park and took each other’s pictures.

Tomorrow we’ll be working hard so I’d better get some shuteye. I’ll upload photos soon.


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